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I'm a 21 year old Trans dude battling depression and anxiety, who likes to draw. Call me Ploof I suppose. This blog is such a clutter-fuck i'm gomen

Also I sometimes put tags relating to oc's or something, so my friends should click certain things, yes.

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Planning on doing comics about my family and what not, trying to decide what my family members would be.

I’m a bull, of course. That’s my fursona, Sunshine Cow. Or Sunshine for short. Because bulls are ill-tempered, stubborn, but can be pretty gentle surprisingly.

My dad would be a bear. He’s a big guy, in both height and size, and he can be nice, but he’s always pretty gruff and will eat you whole if you piss him off.

My mother is a walrus because running joke.

Robyn, my sister, reminds me of a bulldog. I don’t know why, but she does. 

Sister Jenessa? A Borzoi. With that, cartoony borzoi face shape. She’s super fucking tall compared to most chicks in my family (6 foot something, while were over here being 5 foot 6 or less fff). She’s skinny, but not SKINNY skinny? IDK how to describe THAT. Also rounded off, pointed features.

DOUBLE PUN WITH MY SISTERS THERE, HAHA. I hate them half the time because they’re super bitchy, so making them dogs really fits.

My grandma is a goose. Can be okay, buT JESUS FUCK SHE IS A MEAN WOMAN. She will make eye contact, and not break it until you look down and SQUIRM. Also tends to YELL A LOT. Like geese tend to honk. Don’t look at her wrong or hell will be unleashed.

Now see, i’m not sure about my Aunt Erin, or my Grandpa Ben. My uncle Ricky, I can maybe see as… Well, no. IDK. Something ‘hillbilly’ ish. He is. A pure redneck. Oh god. Robyn has 2 daughters and a son. Jenessa has 2 sons. Carol, my adopted sister, could be a deer. Possibly, yeah. Don’t know what her son and daughter would be, they’re both well tempered.

But anyways, I have a few comic ideas in mind and I really wanna draw them out!! So I need to finish the rest of my family, and what animals they’d be. Then I can start! ovo

I at least need my aunt and grandpa for the first round of comics I have in mind, anyways.

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when my friends make new oc’s







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life hack: if you don’t want this to happen when clicking urls


hold in ctrl while clicking


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nercomancer asked:

draw some snk!!

Distressed Yodeling answered:



I’ve been on this website for almost four years and I still don’t know what snk means

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I follow a few rp blogs on this account (even tho a lot of ppl don’t like personals following their rp blogs i’m so sorRY)

And I always love reading the things they post. Sometimes the interactions are so good, or so ridiculous or funny that I wanna doodle it out and give it to them.

But then I get nervous and feel like that’d be creepy so I don’t.

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RIP to the thousands of turkeys being slaughtered in the name of “giving thanks” and “peace on earth”.

And RIP to all the Native Americans who are completely forgotten/have their genocide glamorized and covered up by this holiday

RIP to my asshole after all the food is done being digested

RIP to my bussy after getting pounded by my cousin in the bathroom after thanksgiving dinner


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I hurt my hand and I can’t draw that well right now. And it’s stressing me out cause I have commissions and shit to do. Ughhh

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