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I'm a 21 year old Trans dude battling depression and anxiety, who likes to draw. Call me Ploof I suppose. This blog is such a clutter-fuck i'm gomen

Also I sometimes put tags relating to oc's or something, so my friends should click certain things, yes.

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Yep i’m drooling, time to go to bed. Night tumblr!

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I bought a thing of chocolate milk because I wanted some. And I can already tell this is not gonna end well for me. First sip, and it’s so fuckin thick, and my tongue already did the thing it does before I puke.


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Science side of tumblr how do I become a jellyfish

Jellyfish have no brains. You’re already pretty close.

Okay WOW

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I drew Skyler instead of going to sleep, oops.

Anyways, NOW imma sleep.

Also i’m not feeling awful or sick or anything, i’m just really tired lately ahahhfjdvch Hopefully that stops soon. Maybe if I get on a semi-normal sleep schedule it’ll help. IDK.

Anyways, night Tumblr.

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And goodnight, i’m sleepy. Might only take a nap, but with my track record lately I doubt that hahaha.

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I’m having alotta trouble concentrating on rps. Like I mean, I can do short goofy ones that take a sentence or two to reply to. But I got 2 serious ones going that need more of a response and i’m just. Like. JFC how do write good sentences.

//Lays down

I’ll reply when i’m less fhdmkslfchyugbnjs promise

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12 hours later, I awaken. Good morning (???) tumblr.

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Okay but I think maybe the nightmares fucked me up real bad sleep wise. I couldn’t sleep for days really, so now I think my body is trying to FIRCE me to catch up oni tt all, na dits not reall y  working too well.

The nghtmares are still there and I literally cant’ sleep well at night, and barely in the day. I need the light on and music playngi and it’s just all awful. Maybe the heat has something to do with it too.

Whatever gonna try  ao sleep now yeah? Night, again.

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Ughhh whatever I think i’m gonna go to sleep, good night tumblr.

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I’m too sleepy to work on commissions right now and that’s no good. I need to get shit done. But just thinking about drawing or coloring anything right now makes my head hurt and makes me yawn. Ughh. I WANT to draw and color, but right now I just can’t concentrate long enough to do it.

Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully. Even just getting a sketch done, or coloring ONE thing. That would be wonderful. I have so many people waiting on me to do stuff, and I just keep sleeping instead of doing anything.


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For real though i’m about to call a better hospital than the shitty one we have, and request my mother be put in there until she’s 100% better, because she ALWAYS has breathing trouble and is ALWAYS in soooo much pain that she might need to visit the hospital. And if ours isn’t doing shit for her, maybe she needs to be shipped off to one that WILL. Hell, maybe they’ll KEEP her there and I can finally have some fucking peace.

That or i’m about to roll her god damn bed into the street jfc. She’s getting absolutely ridiculous with all of this.

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WHY AM I SO FUCKING TIRED RIGHT NOW. All i’ve been doing is sleeping. I don’t want to sleep. But i’m getting to the point where I can’t concentrate and I keep making mistakes with things and I keep getting confused and i’m starting to drool again and this is just… I don’t want this. I want to be able to be awake and STAY awake, and NOT be tired as all hell okay. That’s all I want. I woke up today at 4 am. I went back to sleep at about 7. Woke up at maybe 9, been up since. When I woke up at 4 am, by the way? That was after 11 hours of sleep. Now it’s 10:30 pm. And i’m so fucking tired that it’s impossible for me to focus correctly on anything, and I just wanna sleep. But I don’t REALLY want to sleep.

Why is this happening to me. What the fuck is wrong with me.

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